Delivery Process

Your new Siberian kitten will be shipped via "Air Cargo" to the airport closest to you. Although the flights are often arranged as multiple stop flights, we don't recommend this manner of shipping because it puts an excessive amount of stress and fatigue to the kitten.

The Air Cargo features a space specially designated for pets. Therefore, it's safe and cozy (air conditioned) for your kitten. For several years, 'Siberian Kittens Family' worked with Air Cargo and we haven't experienced any accidents. All kittens were delivered promptly.

When all payments are finalized, the flight are going to be booked. After booking the flight, an agent will contact you via telephone or email to verify the flight. The agent will also inform you with the time and date of the arrival of your cat.

The final step is to simply pick up your new cat from the closest assigned airport.